Meet Our Chaplains

Chaplain John Hipsky

Branch of Service:

At present I have been living in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan since 2005 at a family run resort ( with my wife Loxia of 50 years. We have six children and 12 grandchildren. I do maintenance and bookkeeping, Loxia does housekeeping and gardening. She was valedictorian of her Gorton High School class, Yonkers, N.Y. and graduated from New Paltz College, New Paltz, N.Y. in 3 years with a BS in Elementary Education. Loxia is a pianist and author of a book of poetry “A Pilgrims Journey” about our life and the Lord’s presence.

As for me:

Youth Activities
-Astronomy, built own telescope including grinding the 8” lens
-Ham Radio, call sign WN2TJP
-Scouting , Assistant Scoutmaster, Eagle Scout

Military 1958-1961
-Enlisted US Army.
-3 years based in Fort Bragg, 82nd Airborne Division, 782 Abn Maint Bn, attached 77th SF
-NCO Academy, distinguished graduate
-Communications specialist

Education 1962-1969
-BA Geography, Physics, Math, City College of New York
-Graduate studies City College of New York. Due to illness in the family discontinued study in
International Business needing 1 semester for MBA degree

Business 1961-1992
-Duracell Battery Company
Jr. Engineer, assisted in design of sea water battery for US Navy Mark series submarine torpedo
Engineer, patent (608675) pending for design of low temperature battery under government contract
Project Engineer, design of smoke alarm battery and heart pacemaker battery
Regional Sales Manager, worked with customers in design of battery systems in original equipment
Value Analyst Engineer, focused on reducing cost of battery systems, manufacturing and distribution
Director of Manpower Planning, staffed the company and balanced workload between departments
-Varta Battery
Established this German company in the US original equipment manufacturing market
-Alexander Technical Sales
Started this company to design and distribute batteries to US major manufacturers and distributors
Sold the company to my son, name is now Alextech (, a significant
distributor of batteries in US

Community Affairs:
-Adler Planetarium, Chicago, Illinois, member of the Board of Governors
-Barrington Breakfast Rotary Club, president
-Barrington Countryside Fire Protection District, trustee for 10 years, president
-Barrington High School, dollar-a-year employee
Introduced “Best Buddies” program, matched outstanding student with mentally challenged student
Designed “Community Connections”, a program to support students in community activities
-Barrington Historical Society, board member, president
-Congressional Committee member tasked with selection of candidates for US Military Academies
-Cuba Township White Memorial Cemetery, trustee, president
-Healthier Barrington Initiative, Co-Chair of the Youth and Family Committee
-Institute for International Development, micro loans through local churches, board member
-National Rifle Association, patron member, distinguished expert rifleman, Olympic Training Center
-Planetary Studies Foundation, life membership, board member

Church, Assemblies, Bible Camp
Significant attendance and participation at:
- Bethany Chapel, Brethren assembly, Yonkers, New York (Loxia and I were married here)
-Community Bible Church, Brethren assembly, Chappaqua, New York
- Arlington Countryside Chapel (now Church), Brethren assembly, Arlington Heights, Illinois
- Alpine Chapel, Brethren assembly, Lake Zurich, Illinois (founding member)
- Village Church of Barrington, Evangelical Free Church, Barrington, Illinois
- Little Lake Chapel, Brethren assembly, Little Lake, Michigan (commended chaplaincy)
- Upper Peninsula Bible Camp, Little Lake, Michigan, 37 year volunteer, trustee-treasurer, Boys Camp
counselor, director of shooting activities, author of “Shooting from the Hip” a manual for
marksmanship and range supervision, missions’ committee chair, initiated “Quadathlon”; an event
that lends itself to spiritual and life style counseling.

The Future as Chaplain:
It has been truly stated that man proposes but God disposes. Here is what I propose:
-Continue on-line studies with Homeland Security to enhance my value as an asset when responding
to major incidents.
-Seriously consider the value of getting a Master of Divinity degree.
-Be sensitive for opportunities to serve as chaplain to Northern Lights Lakeside Resort, Upper
Peninsula Bible Camp and beyond.