William K. Coyle, Jr. Graduate Scholarship Application Form

Personal Information
i.e. (555) 555-5555
Please describe how your graduate education will assist you in serving your local assembly, assembly-related ministry, or on the mission field.
School Information
Estimated Cost for One Year
Projection of how expenses will be met:


Letters of Reference and Oversight

Please have the elders of your assembly forward a letter indicating their support of your educational plans. The letter should include:

  1. An acknowledgement by the elders that the scholarship funds will be distributed through the assembly.
  2. A statement that the elders of that assembly are willing to provide oversight for the recipient as needed.
  3. A statement that, in the event the recipient does not fulfill his or her declared intention, the elders will remind and encourage the recipient of his or her obligation to repay the scholarship grant. (The assembly will not be responsible for the debt.)

Letters should be forwarded to the address below.


Stewards Ministries
1101 Perimeter Drive, Suite 600
Schaumburg, IL 60173

phone: (847)842-0227 or (800)551-6505
fax: (847)517-2705


Additional Information

A telephone interview will be scheduled after all required support documents have been received.
Additional information may be requested by the Scholarship Committee



Statement of Intent

In submitting this application, you are acknowledging your intention to work full-time in an assembly or assembly-related ministry or on the mission field for at least two years following completion of your studies. If you are selected to receive a scholarship, you will be required to sign a formal statement of intent that includes an obligation to repay the scholarship grant in the event that you do not fulfill the two-year service requirement.


Please take a moment to review your application before submitting it.