Plymouth Brethren Chaplaincy

Stewards Ministries continues a long and proud tradition of maintaining a chaplaincy presence of commended workers in the Armed Forces of the United States, as well as in hospitals and corporations.

This is important to our assemblies for two reasons.

First, these areas represent a targeted mission field of over 1.5 million service members and employees. Our chaplaincy presence ensures that the assemblies have a voice in providing them their constitutionally protected right to religious services and instruction. Assembly-commended chaplains distinguish themselves in the delivery of quality, Christ-centered ministry to Christian and non-Christian alike.

Secondly, our presence in the military in particular means that assemblies have ready points of contact for families whose relatives may be serving in the Armed Forces. Our chaplains can place assembly service members in contact with other chaplains and Christians maintaining evangelical convictions regardless of their duty station around the world.

To discover more about the "best kept secret" in the assemblies, we invite you to explore this site in more detail.