Stewards Ministries was established in 1982 with proceeds from the sale of three, Plymouth Brethren affiliated acute care hospitals. Funds from the sale were invested so that the return on investment could be used to support Brethren Assemblies and Brethren related ministries throughout North America.

Up until 1985, Stewards Ministries operated under the name of Bethesda Ministries; so-named for Bethesda Hospital, one of the hospitals whose sale helped establish the ministry.

Stewards Ministries operates as a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) charitable organization and as a Type 2 supporting organization for the association of churches (assemblies) commonly known as Plymouth Brethren or Christian Brethren. Stewards Ministries is governed by a volunteer board of directors, comprised of individuals from assemblies in North America. Stewards Ministries is not required to file Form 990.

Ministry Priorities

While there is latitude in its ministry, Stewards Ministries focuses on four areas of service.

Stewards Ministries invests in programs aimed at establishing and rejuvenating Brethren Assemblies nationally and internationally.

Biblical Needs
Stewards Ministries provides support and assistance to widows and widowers, and retired commended workers. Stewards Ministries also helps commended workers with acute financial and personal needs as they become known.

Evangelism and Missions
Stewards Ministries gives financial assistance to the evangelistic and missionary efforts of Brethren commended workers, assemblies and Brethren related ministries.

Leadership Development
Stewards Ministries aids in the fostering of biblical leadership in local assemblies. This includes developing leadership in areas of ministry such as outreach and evangelism, teaching, youth and music. Scholarships are available for commended workers who want to further their education and sharpen their ministry skills.