Scholarship Reference

Stewards Ministries has established a scholarship program to encourage and aid qualified children of commended workers. Your comments will aid in evaluating this applicant for a scholarship. The funds available are limited and it is necessary that the awards be granted to those who are most worthy. We assure you that every comment will be held completely confidential. Thank you for your assistance.
i.e. Employer, family friend, Sunday school teacher, etc.
1. MORAL CONDUCT (Personal reputation, habits, relationships)
2. DEPENDABILITY (Sense of personal responsibility, conscientiousness)
3. COOPERATION (Ability to work with others)
4. MOTIVATION (Evidence of desire to accomplish goals, perseverance)
5. INITIATIVE (Works well independently, willing to take on responsibility)
6. PERSONALITY (Disposition, respected by others, not given to moodiness)
7. PERSONAL APPEARANCE (Neatness, grooming)

Please take a moment to review your reference form before submitting it.