Ministry Guidelines

Service Guidelines

Stewards Ministries helps Brethren assemblies and related ministries carry out the purposes of the Lord Jesus Christ for his church. While holding certain doctrines, practices and associations in common, the local assemblies display considerable and increasing diversity. In order to identify those it has been called to serve, Stewards Ministries uses the following guidelines.

Stewards Ministries works with local assemblies that:

  • Have a statement of faith consistent with the Steward Ministries' statement of faith.
  • Are autonomous, with leadership consisting of a group of elders serving as shepherds under the headship of Christ. 
  • Are nonclerical, with the priesthood of believers being apparent in worship and ministry.
  • Are recognized by, and in fellowship with, other local Brethren assemblies.
  • Celebrate the Lord's Supper weekly.

Gift Guidelines

Four guidelines are used in distributing the financial resources God has entrusted to Stewards Ministries:

  1. While the Purpose Statement of the Articles of Incorporation is the basic guide for board actions, the Scriptures are the foundation for its service.
  2. Gifts are disbursed in keeping with an annual, board-approved budget. This budget allocates the funds available for distribution to assemblies, individuals and organizations.
  3. Gifts are made after careful evaluation and investigation, including:
    1. Approval of the elders (if an assembly) or of the board of directors (if a ministry organization) of the group submitting the proposal.
    2. Evidence of not-for-profit status (if an organization) with a predominately Brethren affiliation. 
    3. Financial data reflecting economic viability and scope of support.
    4. Other information deemed necessary for the evaluation process. 
  4. Gifts are given primarily for specific capital needs or new programs. The Stewards Ministries' gift program will not supplant or take the prime responsibility for the support of an organization or individual.



Good stewards must not only be faithful, they must also be accountable. Stewards Ministries is a member in good standing of the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability. Audited financial statements are prepared annually.