Chaplaincy Opportunities

The requirements for both Chaplains and Chaplain Candidates are similar throughout the United States Military. In general, applicants must be able to pass the physical, educational, and background requirements for the commissioning of military officers. In addition, all services require the following:

1. A Master of Divinity degree or its equivalent. Normally this means 90 semester hours of post-baccalaureate theological training at an accredited seminary or theological school.

 Age requirements vary slightly between services. In most cases, applicants must be under the age of 40. Chaplain candidates must plan to be on active duty (or reserve duty) by this age unless they have previous military experience.

 Two years of post-graduation pastoral experience.

 Ordination and "endorsement" by a recognized ecclesiastical body. The United States Military recognizes the Plymouth Brethren as an ecclesiastical body for ordination and chaplaincy purposes. In our case, of course, a local assembly would issue a Letter of Commendation [link to Commending Assemblies and Elders]. Once the Letter of Commendation has been received by Stewards Ministries, the applicant becomes eligible for ecclesiastical endorsement. 

The Chaplaincy requirements for the Civil Air Patrol are more relaxed with regard to age since it is largely a volunteer service organization. Refer to the Civil Air Patrol website for more detailed information.

For service-specific requirements, click on the appropriate link below:

United States Navy (includes U. S. Coast Guard and U. S. Marine Corps)

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United States Air Force

Civil Air Patrol